Spiraling into madness while on an odyssey of surrealistic violence, the lovely Tina Rockwell (Karoline Brandt) must survive a murderous band of mutants including the unassuming Granny (Liz Little), the vicious and frightening Surgeon General (Aaron Simms / Kurt Carley) and his two brothers, the bashful Brain (Jay Dugre) and the maniacal Plates (Warwick Davis) while on the open roads and cactus infested backwoods of Nowhere, USA.

From the mind of Gabe Bartalos, effects designer of LEPRECHAUN, BASKET CASE 2 & 3, THE CREMASTER CYCLE and THE HOLLOW, comes a new horror classic, SKINNED DEEP. Featuring a new icon of terror for a new generation of fear. Meet the Surgeon General.

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