Cast & Crew

Karoline Brandt (Tina)

Jay Dugre (Brain/Brian)

Warwick Davis (Plates)

Liz Little (Granny)
Linda Wein (Mom)
Eric Bennett (Dad)
Lee Kociela (Matthew)
Petter Iasillio Jr, (Pete)
Forrest J Ackerman (Biker)

Aaron Sims (Surgeon General 1)
Kurt Carley (Surgeon General 2)

Gabe Bartalos (Writer/Director/Producer)
Peter Strietmann (Cinematography)
Christopher Seguine (Editor)
Atlantic West Effects (Special Make-Up Effects)
Al Magliochetti (Visual Effects)
David Davidson (Original Music)
Keyboard Kids (Original Music)
Captain Sensible (Original Music)
Jonathan Bepler (Original Music)
Daniel Bijan (Sound Mix)

Karoline Brandt (Tina), a California native, began performing at age sixteen when she decided to audition for her high school’s production of OUR TOWN. While attending La Verne University she caught the attention of guest director Steven Shade and was cast in the play EVERY MAN. After school she moved back to Los Angeles to pursue a film career. SKINNED DEEP is Karoline’s first starring role in a feature film.

Jay Dugre(Brain/Brian) hails from Boston, Massachusetts where he grew and attended Emerson College. After graduating with a BFA in Performing Art/Acting and a minor in Film Theory, he moved to Los Angeles. SKINNED DEEP marks Dugre’s first forray into feature films. Since running naked through Times Square and spending 14 hours in New York’s Central Booking for a dream sequence in SKINNED DEEP, Jay has gone on to perform in commercials as well as produce and star in a short film entitled THE COOL. He can currently be seen with the comedy troupe called TROOP!, which performs frequently in Seattle, Chicago, AUstin, San Francisco and Los Angeles.(

WARWICK DAVIS’s career as an actor came about purely by chance. Back in 1981 his Grandmother heard a radio announcement calling for people under four foot tall to appear in the new STAR WARS film RETURN OF THE JEDI. He played the tiny Ewok, Wicket, who became one of the film’s lead creature characters. 

After the success of ROTJ, Lucas went on to make two Ewok movies for ABC television in which Davis reprised his performances as Wicket in both. Warwick’s film credits include LABYRINTH, WILLOW, the LEPRECHAUN franchise. Up until this point in his career, Davis had always been cast as a “goodie. ” On reading the script for Leprechaun, he was thrilled to learn that this Leprechaun was in fact a ‘baddie’. The film achieved cult status with movie fans in America, which prompted no less than four sequels to be made. 

In 2002 Warwick began production for SKINNED DEEP.


PETER IASILLO, JR. – A New York actor and graphic artist, Peter has appeared in Spookies, Street Trash, USA Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried and numerous stage productions throughout New York and Westchester County. Pete was also an “Elevator Zombie” in George Romero’s Day of the Dead and a Stand-In for the late actor Vincent Schiavelli in scenes from the movie Freejack starring Emilio Estevez, Anthony Hopkins and Mick Jagger. Skinned Deep marks Peter’s sixth collaboration with Gabe Bartalos.

Crew Biographies

As long as he can remember, 37 year old Special Effects Make-Up artist Gabe Bartalos has had a healthy fascination with fantasy and horror. Starting with painting, then sculpture, Bartalos was able to put these talents on display by filming them in his own graphic Super-8 films. “The perfect blend of art and storytelling”.

Gabe was able to sharpen his skills by working on a string of N.Y. independent films and then eventually moved to Los Angeles to start his own effects company, Atlantic West Effects.

Bartalos was quick to leave his mark in the horror genre by teaming up with Director Frank Henenelotter on horror classics such as BRAIN DAMAGE, FRANKENHOOKER, BASKET CASE 2 + 3.

This was followed by a long relationship with Trimark/LionsGate with the 6 LEPRECHAUN films, SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK and FROZEN. 

Bartalos’ skills were sought out for the massive T-Rex creation in Doug Trumballs ambitious IMAX film, BACK TO THE FUTURE- THE RIDE, then more carnage in BLOODRUSH, FREEJACK, PLAYING GOD, and creatures in DEADSPACE, GENII, and SIDESHOW. Gabe then teamed with director, studio head, Jim Glickenhause for his grisly needs in the Scott Glenn thriller SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS, and TIMEMASTER. 

Always sticking close to the East coast, Gabe contributed the elaborate make-up effects for artist/filmmaker Matthew Barneys lush CREMASTER cycle, multiple ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE photo shoots with celebrity photographer Mark Seliger, (including the now infamous Marilyn Manson ‘Dark Feather Fantasy’) and then back in LA, the disturbing disintegration effects with IMAGINARY FORCES, for the on-going ANTI-SMOKING campaign.

Currently Bartalos has come full circle with his directorial debut, SKINNED DEEP, a high energy fever-dream, that he scripted as well.

Peter Strietmann (Cinematography)

Peter has been an easrly adopter of high definition video since its inception. As director of photography for the Cremaster series, he was the first to use an HD camcorder on a feature-length film (Cremaster 2 was shot in 1080i). Other credits include Director of Photography for Gabe Bartalos’ feature SKINNED DEEP.

Keyboard Kids (Original Music)

The Keyboard Kids usally record synth-driven absurdo pop but for SKINNED DEEP they delivered two western-flavored instrumentals with Greg Bartalos playing guitar and Eric Holbrook on keyboards.

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